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Handmade Wood Boxes By

Erwin & Judy Newman



This desk or dressor organizer is handmade of American Cherry.  It is constructed using miter joinery so that the grain flows smoothly Cherry 5"x8" Dogwood Box - This elegant jewelry box is hand crafted of American Cherry . The dogwood inlay is made of holly and is set into... This handmade jewelry or keepsake box is crafted of American Cherry.  The creamy rose inlay is set into the top using classical marquetry ...

Artist’s Statement

For the past twenty years, I have been a furniture maker, specializing in antique American styles inspired by the Federal period. The emphasis on lightness and simplicity and the use of fine veneers and inlays combine to create uniquely beautiful, classical designs.


I have endeavored to follow these traditions in

creating decorative boxes and furnishings. Each of my items is constructed using miter joinery to emphasize the beauty of the wood grain as it flows around the sides of the box. Inlays are decorations set into the surface of the box using pieces of thin wood veneer to form "pictures". Depth is achieved by darkening the edges of the veneer in hot sand, called sand shading. My inlays are designed and created using several techniques, including: marquetry, banding, raised linlay and monograms.


Perhaps this will explain some of the

inspiration and techniques behind my designs. My hope is that you will enjoy looking at and using my boxes as much as I have creating them. Many of the designs can be viewed here on our ETSY web site.

 Visit my shop: http://www.classicwoodarts.etsy.com


 Erwin T. Newman

 Reston, Virginia

Decorative leaf

Erwin & Judy Newman

Reston,  Virginia




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